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The Honor Group

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Who We Are

The Honor Group provides strategic management and organizational effectiveness consulting services to clients desirous of establishing and promoting authentic working relationships with their employees to the benefit of the enterprise, the employee, the employee’s family, the customer, and the communities in which they exist.

This “everyone wins” approach to workplace relationship management allows all stakeholders to focus on issues that are important, when they are important, maximizing business productivity and meeting employee needs holistically.

The Winning Edge
At The Honor Group we refer to this as “The Winning Edge.” The Winning Edge recognizes that all issues, whether business or personal, are integral to the success of the business and must be managed with integrity and authenticity.

Employees at all levels of the company or organization share the desire to be recognized not only for their intellect and contribution to the financial bottom line, but also for their individual humanity – their personhood or authentic selves.

Our experience has shown that organizations with environments encouraging personal authenticity clearly outperform those that don’t. They experience less attrition, retaining employees who are inspired to more willingly give of themselves through their discretionary effort and who express higher levels of job satisfaction.

A principal tool in achieving this commitment is through the employment of the art and science of Leadership Coaching to help individuals and organizations improve their performance and professional effectiveness while achieving their life goals, thereby enhancing the productivity and profitability of the organization and the self-fulfilment of the individual.

We invite you to explore our menu of services and learn more about how The Honor Group can give your organization a Winning Edge.

The Honor Group LLC is a minority, Vietnam Veteran-owned consulting practice founded in 2004, by its president and chief executive officer, John Honor, Jr. His professional experience as an employee and executive spans seven companies in the aerospace and defense, sports and entertainment, finance and insurance, professional services, and transportation industries.