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Performance Management & Succession Planning

Effective organizations routinely plan, monitor, develop, measure, nurture, and recognize behaviors (individual, team, and organizational) that are consistent with their expectations, goals, and objectives. They also create realistic career paths, conduct talent reviews, identify high potential employees, effectively manage pools of talent, and chart their organizations for the future. Performance management and measurement and succession planning are the lifeblood of a healthy, thriving, competitive organization. Unfortunately, most organizations are lousy managers of performance and fail to chart a course that sustains the talent required for a successful future. These failures frequently result in the reinforcement and rewarding of counter-productive behaviors, lack of employee engagement and discretionary effort, attrition of high potential employees, increased hiring cost, customer dissatisfaction, lack of talent when and where it is needed, and ultimately lost profits. What a high price to pay!

The Honor Group can help. We are experienced in building performance management systems that are simple, understandable, and effective. We provide training to leaders and managers that will give them the tools, know how, and confidence to manage the performance oversight process while providing genuine, honest, credible, and authentic feedback to the people who underpin the success of their organization. And we will help your organization build a talent path for the future that will keep you competitive over the long haul.