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Employee Communication Strategy and Planning

No corporate initiative can be effective, no corporate benefit can be fully appreciated, and no staff member can be connected to and fully engaged with the organization without a robust employee communications function. The Honor Group brings experienced organizational communications professionals to the table to develop the plans and strategies to help you meet your corporate objectives. We will help you articulate and craft key messages and work with you to determine the most effective media to deliver those messages. The Honor Group’s overarching employee communications goal is to create an informed and dedicated workforce in an environment where staff members are most likely to be successful. We will help you nurture a culture marked by openness, teamwork and inclusiveness. Effective communication is never merely one way, but is an ongoing dialogue and exchange of information. The Honor Group will help you develop effective dialogue through

  • one-on-one, face-to-face communications guided by talking points for managers and cascading messages
  • electronic communications, including intranet content development and transactional systems
  • group meetings and town halls (live and by videoconference)
  • print and electronic newsletters and brochures.

With a successful communications strategy properly executed, your business can realize higher productivity, higher staff engagement levels, and reduced turnover. Your programs will help to build ambassadors for your company in formal as well as informal settings to reinforce your brand and reputation in the community.