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Diversity and Inclusion

The workplace has become a global community—a community characterized by people of various backgrounds, orientations and experiences. Whether it is recognized or not, your workplace is composed of people of various ethnic and racial backgrounds, women, men, people with various sexual orientations, people with physical or mental challenges, veterans and non-veterans, single parents, and aspiring parents. But if it’s true that the workplace is diverse, it’s not always the case that organizations realize the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

That’s where the Honor Group can help. We will help your organization build the cultural competencies needed to realize this potential. We begin by assessing the culture of the organization, and the systems and policies that provide the foundation for your organization’s culture. Some of the systems we will assess for diversity readiness include: leadership/manager accountability, communications, hiring, promotions, communications, training and education, performance management, career development, work assignments, mentoring, coaching, flexible work arrangements, and compensation.

We celebrate the opportunity to serve such a community recognizing that the solutions to the world’s challenges lie within this inclusive community of people. No matter your organization’s mission, being the best among your competitors will only be achieved through the diversity and inclusion of people who bring the knowledge, skills, and ability to outperform them by meeting the needs and requirements of the global community you serve or desire to serve.