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"The Honor Group, LLC is an outstanding partner and resource to our organization as we strive for peak performance and sustainable success. John Honor’s unique blend of business acumen, strategic thinking and insight into helping all levels of employees to unlock their full potential makes him an invaluable asset. His ability to point the way to personal and professional achievement has made a positive impact on countless people over the years. He consistently goes the distance to achieve superior performance and inspires those around him to do the same. Thanks to The Honor Group, LLC, we are well on our way to exceeding our business goals for the year.”

David A. O’Brien
President & CEO
WorkChoice Solutions, LLC


"I have known John Honor for more than 15 years as a Human Resources Executive and have worked with him in two worldwide organizations. In my entire professional career I have never worked with anyone with greater integrity. He only knows how to do HR one way - that’s the right way. He skilfully guides you through the challenges as well as the opportunities inherent in human capital management, from complex employee relations issues and developing enterprise solutions to coaching, mentoring and developing successful teams and organizations. He sees the big picture & carefully develops people programs that effectively align with business objectives. I would work with John again in a heartbeat."

Milton N. Green, Jr., SPHR
Director/Human Capital Partner
UnitedHealth Group/OptumRx


“Meeting John Honor and working with The Honor Group, LLC were the best things that could have happened for me both personally and professionally. John Honor’s wealth of experience, strategic business planning and genuine concern for others’ growth provided me with the platform I needed in order to propel my career. John Honor inspired me since the very beginning of my career in Public Accounting. I still rely on John and The Honor Group, LLC to supply me with the tools necessary for me to continue to achieve my goals. I could never thank him enough for all he’s done for me.”

Sparkle Patterson, CPA
Harris Corporation


"John brings a deep bench of 40+ years of meaningful HR and OD experience in complex global corporations. He is a consummate professional, a great coach and mediator, and a source of wisdom about every day business situations. He has a strong ability to listen to both what a client is saying, and not saying, and is solutions oriented. John has substantial experience to know what solutions are going to deliver the best results in different environments."

Leslie Traub
Chief Consulting Officer
Cook Ross Inc.